Cold hands and feet?

How to get warm from the inside out? Try adding ginger to your diet!
Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc) is commonly used for nausea, digestive issues, cramping and bloating. It is also known to reduce the effects of colds, flu and coughs as well as fatigue.
However, this morning the effect that I was after was to warm up my fingers and toes during the early dog walk.
Ingested ginger gives you a warm glow in your stomach area and the warmth soon spread to the rest of the body including your hands and toes.
My preferred form is having ginger shots first thing in the morning after breakfast.
I simply liquidize an apple and 2.5cm (1in.) piece of ginger. I rinse the ginger and apple but do not take the skin off, as a lot of the nutrients are in the skin.
At times I cheat a little bit and use cloudy apple juice and a piece of shredded ginger. If you have circulatory issues, come and see a qualified medical herbalist (BSc Hons) and we can discuss how to improve the complaint.

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