I have a passion to share my knowledge with people about our common wild plants are also powerful medicines – you will never look at a ‘weed’ in the same way again!

Studying plants is interesting. Learning about wild medicines can also encourage you to look after your own health. The importance of understanding how nature and the seasons work and affect you, allows you to understand nature's effect on us and vice versa.

Immersing ourselves in nature encourages mindfulness and is a reminder interconnected we are with nature. Nature not only engages our senses but also allows us to do “forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere”).

Most of the walk will last around 1 hour in a range of habitats around Berkshire.
Some of the locations allow us to have lunch as well.
By the end of this session you will have learned how to identify common edible and medicinal herbs, whilst understanding their therapeutic usages with some interesting history and traditional use.

Contact us via this form, phone or email to express an interest.

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