How the lowly mushroom is becoming a nutritional star 

Mushrooms are often considered only for their culinary use because they are packed with flavour-enhancers and have gourmet appeal. In the past, food scientists like me often praised mushrooms as healthy because of what they don’t contribute to the diet; they contain no cholesterol and gluten and are low in fat, sugars, sodium and calories. But that was selling mushrooms short. They are very healthy foods and could have medicinal properties, because they are good sources of protein, B-vitamins, fibre, immune-enhancing sugars found in the cell walls called beta-glucans, and other bioactive compounds. 

The best ever Mushroom Stroganoff

This is so good, seconded by my veggie daughter in law. Try this quick, creamy and comforting vegetarian casserole with brown or basmati rice. 

 Swap avocado on toast for crunchy sourdough toast with creamy rosemary butter, soft mushrooms, and lashings of Parmesan. 

Mushrooms on toast with chilli and rosemary butter recipe

 Wonderful fungi have been connected with many health benefits 

Including helping your hormones, boosting your brain, providing antioxidants, reducing insomnia, managing or reducing anxiety, fighting inflammation, lowering your LDL cholesterol, and even helping with blood pressure. 

Six Mushrooms That Act as Turbo-Shots for Your Immune System

Does the thought of medicinal mushrooms scare you off? Take a deep breath and stay with us. Yes, we’re going to tell you to put mushrooms in your coffee (among other things). But there’s good reason for this, we swear. One of the easiest ways to get your mushroom fix, though? Simply add a spoonful to whatever’s on the menu — be it your morning smoothie, veggie stir-fry, or cup of java. 

Don't be in the dark when foraging mushrooms this year in the B.C. Interior

With the cool and wet spring experienced by most of the province, it’s looking like a good year for wild mushroom foraging in British Columbia. However, after a particularly active year for mushroom poisonings in B.C. in 2019, an Okanagan mushroom expert is advising those intending to go searching for fungi to use caution and seek expert advice when harvesting wild mushrooms this summer and fall. 

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